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Nameless Sound was established in 2001 to present the best of international contemporary music and to support the exploration of new methods in arts education. Nameless Sound presents concerts by premier artists in the world of creative music. In addition, Nameless Sound artists work directly with students from Houston’s public schools, community centers, and homeless shelters. Nameless Sound’s educational work helps to nurture a new generation of artists and inspire tomorrow’s creative thinkers.

Nameless Sound and the Cornudas Mountain Foundation
present a rare site-specific event in the West Texas desert:

Join Jill Whitten and Robert Proctor

Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda at The Hill of James Magee

Benefitting Nameless Sound

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Hill

Fire Music

at The Hill of James Magee
near Cornudas, Texas

Saturday, September 19, 2015

$75 General/$25 Student

Akio Suzuki (Kyotango, Japan) - handmade instruments, found objects
Aki Onda (New York, New York) - tapes, electronics, radio, found objects

at 402 Byrne St
Houston, Texas, 77009

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Entry Levels (Raffle ticket comes with purchase):

$25 for 1 Ticket
$50 for 3 Tickets
$100 for 7 Tickets



mazen class

"When my son lost his way, Nameless Sound welcomed him in and helped him find himself.  This fantastic, respectful program provided wonderful opportunities for discovering his inner talents.  I will forever be grateful to Nameless Sound for the path it provided.  He is now in a band and interning as an audio engineer..  living his dream!"

Since 2001, Nameless Sound has been committed to creative music making and improvisation as powerful and adaptable tools that can provide frameworks for learning, healing, play and creativity in the most diverse range of communities.
Creativity, diversity, adaptability, community, empathy, improvisation: these ideals that have guided Nameless Sound from its inception through its growth and expansion, will carry us on to future possibilities, both projected and unknown.
Nameless Sound depends on your support. Please donate now and help us close this season by supporting our future programs.

Youth & Special Needs Classes

at MECA, 1900 Kane St., Houston, TX
Nameless Sound's Ensembles at MECA are open to all and unite a diverse range of young people from throughout Houston.

Summer classes are currently in session, please enroll at anytime!

See Youth Ensemble page for class descriptions and times.

Nameless Sound in the Communities:
Each week, Nameless Sound's Creative Music Workshops serve over one hundred young people in homeless shelters, refugee programs, public schools, and community centers. Classes often feature hands-on workshops by visiting artists, some of the most innovative and pioneering musical thinkers in the world. If you would like to host a workshop in your community, please contact us!

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