Nameless Sound participant who is quoted on this page Nameless Sound participants play music together in a group

I love playing music with Nameless Sound.
It tunes out all the things in my head that make me stressed and confused.

I just put my struggles into music...
...That way I can relax myself and cool off.

Music is like a rhythm for me. It takes a heavy weight off my shoulders, and it’s just a cool thing to do...
...Sometimes you can just close your eyes and let the music take your mind away from what’s going on with you.

Every day, young musicians in homeless shelters, refugee communities, after-school programs, and public schools rely on Nameless Sound for therapeutic, educational, and joyful community music-making.

Help us to ensure the sustainability of this creative practice. Not only for 2000 young Nameless Sound musicians, but for the international cutting-edge of musicians who bring vital artistry to Houston audiences.

They need your support.

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