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Nameless Sound was established in 2001 to present the best of international contemporary music and to support the exploration of new methods in arts education

Nameless Sound presents concerts by premier artists in the world of creative music. In addition, Nameless Sound artists work directly with students from Houston’s public schools, community centers, and homeless shelters. Nameless Sound’s educational work helps to nurture a new generation of artists and inspire tomorrow’s creative thinkers

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Nameless Sound

Sonic Bikes & Firestation Party!
Hosted by Anne Whitlock and Michael Skelly

Sonic Bikes and Firestation

Saturday, October 22, 2016
Historic Firestation #2
317 Sampson St, Houston, TX 77003

Sonic Bikes available to the general public
in a one-day only reprise of
2nd Ward - A Bicycle Opera/
2° Barrio - Una Ópera en Bicicleta

More information about 2nd Ward - A Bicycle Opera here
Más información de 2° Barrio - Una Ópera en Bicicleta aquí

6PM: $75
Party benefitting Nameless Sound’s
work with homeless and refugee youth.
Food, Drinks and Music in a renovated firehouse!

Music by Damon Choice with Sonia Flores
DJ Frenchi!

- Beer generously donated by 8th Wonder Brewery -
8th Wonder Brewery

Advance Ticket Purchases:

Ride a bicycle that makes sound and composes a musical score depending on where YOU take it!
Join us in celebration at 2nd Ward’s beautiful and historic 1910 Firestation!

Nameless Sound identifies collaborative, improvised music-making as a powerful medium for learning, creative work, therapy and play. Each week, our staff of artists work with over 100 young people in homeless shelters, refugee programs, public schools and community centers. In addition, Nameless Sound’s visiting artists, premier international names in the world of contemporary music, work in these settings when they come to Houston to perform in our concert series.

Using speakers, a digitally programmed score, a computer and a GPS receiver, sonic bicycles pick up sounds and create musical compositions dependent on the path and direction chosen by their riders. “2nd Ward - A Bicycle Opera/ 2° Barrio - Una Ópera en Bicicleta” is a work for sonic bicycles commissioned and produced by Nameless Sound in 2014. Under the direction of UK sound artist Kaffe Matthews, the piece was made in collaboration with the Bicrophonic Research Institute, Vampire Squid Labs, East End residents, writers, musicians, children, programmers and engineers.

The bicycle opera was created through collaborative workshops at Ripley House. Workshops for seniors were conducted by writer and artist Stalina Villarreal. Music and writing workshops for children were conducted by David Dove and David Feil. Additional musical and poetic input came from and Abel Cisneros, and Denis Cisneros.