We invite you to listen to “Hoof Pump”, a group of ten 10-12 year-old’s (and a couple of adults) performing a totally free improvisation as part of Nameless Sound’s Creative Music Education Program. Nameless Sound instructors Mr. David and Mr. Jason worked with these kids (“non-musicians”) at their school for 6 sessions before this recording was made. Nameless Sound works in range of communities who have a wide variety of special needs. This group in-particular enjoyed the freedom allowed in the vocal improvisations. Recorded in Spring 2010, “Hoof Pump” is the name that they gave themselves for this band. Prepare to have your mind blown. Enjoy.

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“Should We Teach Experimental Music to Children?”

Intransitive’s Round Table is a forum where artists, writers, musicians, and listeners can engage in conversation about the issues that impact sonic art. Each month a panel of four artists discuss and respond to each other on a chosen topic. This month’s panelists – Jon Mueller, Dave Dove, Vic Rawlings, and Lionel Marchetti – share their own experiences as teachers and musicians.

“Improvisers are uniquely qualified to fill a void in an education system that is only becoming more obsessed with rigid standards, quantifiable results, hierarchies, standardization, institutionalization and systemization.” – David Dove

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